Quit While You're Still Behind

by Our Own End

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released December 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Our Own End Minneapolis, Minnesota

Four dudes from Minneapolis playing "punk rock." Formed in early 2007 with members of Sofakingdom (MPLS), Class of 86 (MPLS), WSDS (CA) and Yellow Parachute (Midj). They like long walks on the beach and sunsets, as well as keeping up on fashion trends in the music industry and being cutting edge. It is important to them to be cool and liked by whoever everybody else cool thinks is cool... ... more

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Track Name: Quit While You're Still Behind
Day to day the wage I make put my kids into school. Puts food on their plates Keeps my wife in knock off Prada purses, charging happiness at 18% interest. I’m no different, habitual consumer, live paycheck to paycheck, count dollars by hours. Rely on hope that my day will come make it worth all the bullshit that I’ve done. The end will justify the means. If I can wait this out til then The end will justify the means. No turning back no fucking end. Hold on, your life was done when your alarm clock rang this morning Wake up, give up, do it again and again. YOUR LIFES A FUCKING JOKE. Take apathy, add me I’m pathetic. A 12-pack of Grain Belt is my anesthetic. Tonight I’ll play the game. Tomorrow I’ll feel the shame. Picture of mental health. Try to convince myself that…
Track Name: WWME
So you want to carry a machine gun cause your prone to follow. Wanna fight, don't care about who. You're just begging for the battle. You got a car, a family, two credits card, a mortgage. Maybe someday soon you'll wake up. The conformity has waged a war and we face defeat. DEFEAT. We face defeat. And you'll be on the front line a human shield for imaginary boundaries. When your children go to school learning the same thing. While 'Merica sits on the couch watching propaganda on the screen.The front line is all our minds and we face defeat. DEFEAT. We face defeat. War is at home. Silent weapons for quiet wars leave you bleeding on the ground. Give in all your defenses planned in and put out. Pattern habit programming and payment operandi. Undisciplined, kept ignorant, confused, disorganized. The only thing we're ever told is the truth that's made from lies. Wanna be a real hero keep up off the grid. Wanna be a real trooper save the next of kin. Maybe someday soon you'll wake up.
Track Name: Counting The Days
We cut this path it's paved with blood and bone. History left us guilty, we have sold our souls. We cut this path it's paved with blood and bone. Stop looking back, forwards the only course. DESTROY. Everything corrupt politicians/ police squads/ the mayor/ the governor. ERASE. All memories of this place/ the war crimes/ the inhumanity/ the disgrace. IMPROVE. Learn from our mistakes and do it better the next time or we'll be fucked again. REBUILD. A life with no religion/ no politicians/ no fuckin president. We cut this path it's paved with blood and bone. Stop looking back, forward,s the only course. SIRENS. A loud ring sounds to warns crowds to take shelter in basements; run and hide. CHAOS. Bomb squads are called in. The panic sets in. No turning back the clock.
Track Name: NEMPLS
I'm never leavin NE again. The stress is too much. The outside world is just too different and too fuckin dangerous. I've got everything I need. My world is in NE Studer's never gonna leave. I'm never leavin NE again.
Track Name: Less Than A Human
The dotted line, your pen in hand. You wave goodbye to become a man. No mention of consequence. Pledged to defend. And their promises were kept. Tuition paid, no imminent threat. New chances for a better life to raise a kid, to hold your head up high. He knew the right thing to do was to put them first. He paved your way. Now you can hold your head up high. They paved your way. Now you can hold your head up high. No one holds it against you. Willing to put it on the line. With no hesitation to sacrifice. Who fights the fight.? All the bloodshed witnessed first hand. Left reminders of his demons. Forced to be less than a human. And to live with fucking disgust. No way to erase the guilt. No way to escape the pain. No one left to turn to. Alone, forgotten, and ashamed. Who fights the fight?
Track Name: Snake vs. Murdoch
Thousands died here or there, but I can't quite find the time to read the lines cause I got friends to approve, blogs to peruse. I'm bashing me not you. Unless you find yourself in similar shoes. Sorry to say but empathy is lost on those who feel the axe when all you do is decorate its hilt with gifs. I sacrificed a top friend so our few fans would know your cause. You sacrificed your right hand to a LANDMINE. Rats naturally leave when they smell gas. Following would prove wise. Exits are to the front and to the back. Fucking RUN. These pressures keep pushing us down. There's got to be another way. Just let them have their money cause we've got each other. Together we'll ride this thing out. What they call spit out, we'll call released. Set free from the grind that's been wearing at our hides anyway.
Track Name: Looking Down The Barrel Of 30
Crawling underneath your skin, gnawing at you from within. A lifetime goes by. And running from your own regrets will kill you slow like cigarettes. Victim of the circumstance that you left to fate in happenstance. Water all around you now, nowhere left to look for higher ground. But there's one thing I find solace in; it meant something to someone. Life goes on; the world turns. And I'm a just a spec upon this earth. A lifetime goes by, spend it lookin back. A lifetime doubting and wishing you had, a lifetime rewinding. Spend it lookin back. A lifetime wasted on time gone; spent.
Track Name: C.I.A Stew (live)
There’s a pot in which we brew. A funny thing called CIA STEW. Makes your head go flippity-flop. Rightside down buy your heads on top. A hit around the country. Makes some feel funny. Makes your face melt and feel all runny. We’ll dose a town at a time. This is what happens when you get outta line. Kool-aid in the water supply. Dose your kids and watch em get high. Or jump out the window from the paranoia. Or grow their hair long just to annoy ya. Maybe bug the house, try to destroy you. Dessert is a different kind. After dinner we control your mind. Kinda like a cellular phone, we’ll melt your brain like an ice cream cone. No need to heat it up because it’s always hot and warm. Cuz your city is a microwave with a timer ticking on.
Track Name: We May Have Taken This Too Far (live)
You make your way the top o’ the ladder another shit day. You get paid. You’ll never realize. You’ll never realize until it’s too late. It’s too late. We may have taken this too far. Your cause is lost. Wait something’s changed. The doors are locked. We’re not making headway. Something’s changed. Fifteen more ticks, this place will go up like a fucking candle. I’ll make them pay. We may have taken this too far. Your cause is lost.
Track Name: Half Way (live)
Halfway through the bottle, between enemy and friend. Halfway down a one way, between beginning and the end. Each moment willfully given is one that I’ll never get back. Take you time is money equation and shove it up your ass. Halfway through the week again, between one check and the next Halfway up the ladder, between the pay raise and the axe. Halfway to the boiling point, I could fight or I could quit. Halfway from just giving up, either get off the pot or shit. your selling this image of success to keep us wanting more. But to live a life which we are content is one you can’t afford.